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I'm general counsel for a medium-sized tax-exempt organization that helps court-involved and other at-risk populations clear barriers to success in the community.

I'm also a development/fundraising professional and provide legal advice and guidance to start-up entertainment firms.

I blog at Between the Stations and occasionally contribute to Funnybook Babylon. My ever-expanding bookshelf is here. I infrequently write about food and take pictures.

I'm also the happiest new dad in the world.

That's everything.
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-Andrew Esiebo. From his series of photos documenting the aesthetics and role of barbershops in seven West African nations. via Hypebeast

I can’t believe how much Baldwin resembles Millard Fillmore (13th President of the US). Check out Biography’s slideshow of celebrity-historical figure look-alikes. Some are good, but the Baldwin-Fillmore one is particularly jarring. via Kottke.

-Erwin Blumenfeld, 1946. via Le Clown Lyrique.

-Frank Ocean, shot by Band of Outsiders founder and Creative Director Scott Sternberg at the Los Angeles Building in LA. was photographed in a selection of looks from the SS13 Band of Outsiders collection at the Los Angeles Building in LA. via Life + Times


At the Akris show in Paris, minimalist makeup and a finely netted bandeau veil, making for a chic (and discreet) Zorro on the runway. (Photo: Getty Images.)

Great shot. I’ve always been a fan of natural/minimalist makeup.

Dancer: Paige Fraser

(via Christopher Reed 2011 Bryant Park)

(via npr)

Jesse Jackson playing ball with Marvin Gaye. This might be the greatest picture of all time. via Post Bourgie.

Jesse Jackson playing ball with Marvin Gaye. This might be the greatest picture of all time. via Post Bourgie.

Great pic from M. Kharumwa.


Vintage Black Burlesque: Rare images of bold and beautiful burlesque dancers from the past on

Very cool. If you’re like me, your attention was immediately drawn to Lottie “The Body” Graves, the legendary burlesque dancer known as Detroit’s answer to Gypsy Rose Lee. During her career, Ms. Graves co-starred with artists ranging from T-Bone Walker, B.B. King and Billie Holiday to Maurice Taylor and Solomon Burke. Sarah Klein wrote an entertaining profile of Ms. Graves for the Metro Times a couple of years ago - check it out here.

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