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Janelle gets down to Q.U.E.E.N. on 106th and Park. via Okayplayer

I had not really understood “Purple Rain.” Like everybody, I looked at it as this great song, [but] I really didn’t have any idea what he was talking about. Talking to Questlove, Bible scholars and some other people, they started pointing to baptism and water as a baptism symbol. It’s sort of oblique, but if you read really hard, there’s a present story of a person who wants redemption because this relationship is breaking up, but they still love that person. They did everything right in the relationship but the relationship has to end. You want to be sort of blessed in that moment, redeemed in that moment, like, “Hey, you’re not a bad person, it’s ashamed it had to end, but it had to.” Then that third verse is so crucial, where Prince is kind of saying, “follow me, I am a messiah figure.” It’s extremely powerful and important in trying to understand who he is.
Toure, from his interview with Quinn Peterson of Life + Times about I Would Die 4 You, his book-length examination of Prince. I’ll admit, I’ve had a number of issues with Toure’s writing style and opinions about pop culture and politics, but this looks very intriguing (and only 8.99 for the Kindle version!). Check out the interview, its some really good stuff (including this fascinating bit about Prince ‘passing’ as a bi-racial man). via Okayplayer.

Get Ready, by Lady (Terri Walker and Nicole Wray), from their self-titled debut, directed by Michael Holyk and Desi Lazarova.

Rabubi, by South African singer Moonchild. Produced by Tshepan Ramoba. via OkayAfrica. Catchy.


Janelle Monae

Janelle Monae is the flyest…..

(via illogicalvolume)

One last ‘best-of-list’ for 2012!

I write about the cultural products that moved me most in 2012 for Funnybook Babylon.

Comments, questions, etc. are welcome.


you wanna buy the farm, but the land’s not yours to own. read this instead.

I still need to hear this album.

The original version of Mama Told Me, by Big Boi and Little Dragon, from Late Night With Jimmy Fallon. From Big Boi’s forthcoming album, Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors (link to the deluxe 17 track edition). Can’t wait to pick this one up. via Miss Info. Okayplayer has the mp3 of this version of the track (which will never be released due to label drama) here.

Kali, by Sonnymoon, from their eponymous EP. Perfect Sunday afternoon music.


Some dude is trying to get me fired because I didn’t want to be on his mailing list, I guess in an attempt to bully me into writing about his comics, or punishing me for not wanting to read his emails, or something. “Blah blah blah I wanna fight, blah blah blah I’m gonna take it to the streets behind some comic book nonsense.”

Mmmmmmmmnah. That’s not gonna work.

This is just shameful. MF Grimm should apologize for this embarrassing, unprofessional display. Grimm should have engaged David in a more constructive manner. Grimm could have explained why this project is particularly important and worthy of everyone’s attention. Grimm should have done what most independent businessmen/entrepreneurs do when they face some resistance from tastemakers - try harder. Instead, we get a childish response that validates all of the worst stereotypes about black men, particularly those in hip-hop. This should have been an opportunity to build.