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This is rare, like winning the lottery:

Produced for WSBK-TV in Boston in the mid-1980s, this is an early interview with Joel and Ethan Coen who were sent on publicity tour to promote their first film, Blood Simple.

Here be the Rules of Sam Raimi, director of The Evil Dead: 1) The innocent must suffer. 2) The guilty must be punished. 3) You must taste blood to be a man. To these three filmmaking maxims, the brothers Coen have added one of their own: The dead must walk. There are no zombies in Blood Simple, though Joel Coen reckons all four rules are applicable “in a weird kind of way.” Joel (29) and Ethan (27) wrote it. Joel (who was Assistant Editor on The Evil Dead) directed it. Ethan produced. —The Coen Brothers: The 1985 Interview

Joel Coen: “(To make Blood Simple) we followed the example of Sam Raimi. Sam had done this trailer, almost like a full-length version of The Evil Dead, but on Super 8. He raised like sixty or ninety thousand dollars that way, essentially by taking it around to people’s homes to find investors. He financed the movie using a common thing people making exploitation movies had used, which was a limited partnership… So Sam, also told us how to set that up and we did that in conjunction with a lawyer here and then went out and shot a two-minute trailer in 35mm… The trailer emphasized the action, the blood and guts in the movie. It was very short. We had a very effective soundtrack, which was cheap to do. And we schlepped that around for about a year to people’s homes and projected it in their living rooms and then got them  to give us money to make the movie… If you call people up and you say ‘Can you give me ten minutes so I can present an opportunity to invest in a movie?’, they’re going to say, “No I don’t need this,’ and hang up the phone. But it’s slightly different if you call up and say, ‘Can I come over and take ten minutes and show you a piece of film?’ All of a sudden that intrigues them and gets your foot in the door. That’s something Sam made up wise to which was invaluable in terms of being able to raise the kind of money we were trying to raise… I think there ended up being about sixty-five investors in the movie, most of them in five or ten thousand increments. I think sixty to seventy per cent of them were from Minneapolis.


Ethan Coen: The good thing about Minneapolis is those horrible phone calls you have to make to people you don’t know—you’ve just got their names from whoever. They’re too polite to hang up.
Joel Coen: That’s absolutely true. In New York, they’d just go, ‘yeah, yeah,” and hang up; because the dangerous thing with any salesman is to keep talking to them. (Laughs.)

Note: They raised $750,000. for Blood Simple which was released in 1984. —The Coen Brothers on Raising Money

Previously on Cinephilia and Beyond:

A rare TV documentary — The Coen Brothers (2000). During the promotional campaign for O Brother, Where Art Thou? in 1999, the BBC showed a 50 minute documentary about the Coen brothers. It was mainly concerned with the Coen’s past and featured interviews with many of the actors that have worked with the Coens along with family, friends and crew members.

Love this.

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The trailer for Alfonso Cuaron’s Gravity. I’m intrigued.


‘What are we doing? Where are we going, home? … Yeah, home.’
Upstream Color (2013)

Can’t wait to see this. I’m torn between the Amazon and DRM free versions. Might pick it up this weekend.


‘What are we doing? Where are we going, home? … Yeah, home.’

Upstream Color (2013)

Can’t wait to see this. I’m torn between the Amazon and DRM free versions. Might pick it up this weekend.

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Nicholas Winding Refn teams up with Ryan Gosling and Kirsten Scott Thomas for Only God Forgives (red band trailer). I love Refn’s meditations on violence and masculinity. via Brow Beat.

The trailer for The Purge, a thriller set in a speculative near future from Director James DeMonaco (writer of Assault on Precinct 13 and the Negotiator). These kinds of broad allegories can be terrible, but this trailer looks intriguing.

The official trailer for They Die by Dawn, an intriguing cowboy film directed, written and scored by Jeymes Samuel (short film director and the leader of the Bullitts). Featuring Michael T. Williams, Isiah Washington, Giancarlo Esposito, Rosario Dawson, Erykah Badu, and…… the highlight of many of my favorite second tier African American drama/thrillers of the early - mid ‘90’s, Bokeem Woodbine! I think this trailer came out in November, but for some reason, it totally slipped my notice. The trailer is a lot of fun. I’m looking forward to this one.

Check out the stream of the title track by the Bullitts ft. Yasiin Bey, Jay Electronica and Lucy Liu (!) here.

Flickering Lights, a short film created by HitReCord, a production company/art collective helmed by Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Text written and recited by Wirrow (of HitRECord). Really cool collage film. via Brow Beat

From age 30 to 36, he [Ang Lee]’s living in an apartment in White Plains, NY trying to get something — anything — going, while his wife Jane supports the family of four (they also had two young children) on her modest salary as a microbiologist. He spends every day at home, working on scripts, raising the kids, doing the cooking. That’s a six-year span — six years! — filled with dashed hopes and disappointments. “There was nothing,” he told The New York Times. “I sent in script after script. Most were turned down. Then there would be interest, I’d rewrite, hurry up, turn it in and wait weeks and weeks, just waiting. That was the toughest time for Jane and me. She didn’t know what a film career was like and neither did I.” It got so discouraging that Lee reportedly contemplated learning computer science so he could find a job during this time, but was scolded by his wife when she found out, telling him to keep his focus.

Put yourself in his shoes. Imagine starting something now, this year, that you felt you were pretty good at, having won some student awards, devoting yourself to it full time…and then getting rejected over and over until 2019. That’s the middle of the term of the next President of the United States. Can you imagine working that long, not knowing if anything would come of it? Facing the inevitable “So how’s that film thing going?” question for the fifth consecutive Thanksgiving dinner; explaining for the umpteeth time this time it’s different to parents that had hoped that film study meant you wanted to be a professor of film at a university.

Jeff Lin, on Ang Lee and the uncertainty of success. Must read. via Daily Dish


First podcast of the new year by me and Tucker Stone - all big names to kick us off - Magic Mike, End of Watch, Jack Reacher, some light Zero Dark Thirty convo (more to come), and 45 fucking minutes of us being sort of disagreeable about Tarantino’s entire filmography.

Plz check it out.

Really looking forward to hearing Tucker/Sean on ZDT and Tarantino.

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Under the Covers: #625 EATING RAOUL (dir. Paul Bartel) 1982

“It’s amazing what you can do with a cheap piece of meat if you know how to treat it.”

imagine a satire of moral imperiousness that plays like Sweeney Todd without the songs, and you’ll be on the right track. needless to say, Criterion has embraced Eating Raoul’s delicious gallows humor with this morbidly fun-spirited release — it’s clear what kind of experience you’re in for as soon as you pop the disc open and see that the booklet is formatted on glossy paper like a deli menu. god that’s good!

Criterion will release Eating Raoul on dvd & blu-ray on 9/25/2012.

I haven’t seen Eating Raoul in years, but this was one of my favorite ‘forbidden’ movies from my childhood. Paul Bartel probably did as much to shape my preferences re: satire as any other cultural figure.