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17-year-old Rashida Jones writes a letter to The Source (November 1993) in defense of her dad Quincy after Tupac dissed him for marrying a white woman in an interview with Kim Green that ran in the August issue. G shit.

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Also check the postscript from Quincy here:

Your daughter Kidada was engaged to Tupac Shakur when he was killed. How does a father react to a potential son-in-law with such a dangerous reputation?

I wasn’t happy at first. He’d attacked me for having all these white wives. And my daughter Rashida, who was at Harvard, wrote a letter to The Source taking him apart. I remember one night I was dropping Rashida at Jerry’s delicatessen, and Tupac was talking to Kidada because he was falling in love with her then. Like an idiot, I went over to him, put two arms on his shoulders and said, “Pac, we gotta sit down and talk, man.” If he had had a gun, I would’ve been done. But we talked. He apologized. We became very close after that. Once, I was having a date at the Hotel Bel-Air, and he came by and told the waiter that he would be back, he was going home to put on a tie.

A tie? You’re destroying his thug legacy.
Ask my daughter! She was there!

Cute artifact from a more innocent time.

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Rashida Jones is, clearly, from another planet. Human rules do not apply.


Rashida Jones, Flaunt Magazine, October 2012

I’ve never been one of those overwhelmed by Jones’ beauty, but this is one amazing shot.


Rashida Jones by James Jean.