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Glory, as interpreted by Ross Campbell.

If you haven’t heard, Campbell’s going to be the series artist for a new Glory series from Extreme Studio/Image Comics. Glory started life as a Wonder Woman analogue created by Rob Liefeld, but is can’t wait for his take on the character. Kudos to Liefeld for taking a chance w/ Joe Keatinge and Campbell on Glory (and Brandon Graham/Simon Roy on Prophet).

-Simon Roy, from the Brandon Graham penned first issue of Prophet for Extreme Studios/Image Comics.

From my perspective, this was the big announcement of NYCC 2011. I’m not familiar with Simon Roy, but his work looks very promising. Brandon Graham is still that dude (if you want to know why, go read King City). I’m beyond excited. Kudos to Rob Liefeld for an inspired choice.

Laura Hudson (Comics Alliance) has the preview. Check it out. Do it…..