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Black Friday Death Sale page 2 (by Steiner from mars)

Emma Rios. EMMA RIOS. 

For a minute, I thought this page (and the other one) were on sale somewhere, either as a print or original art, and I was trying to figure out who I can rob to be able to afford them. I love these.

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Master Izo: You think Murdock would send the Hand for you in his right mind?

Elektra: I am a former rival. He should not rest until he has my head.

Master Izo: He still cares for you, you stupid cow!

Elektra: Yes.  And perhaps in the Hand we will shed these useless notions.

Master Izo: I can’t believe - I can’t believe I didn’t see it.  You want Murdock to go cold. You want Murdock to be like you.  Master Izo wishes he could see your face when you discover how you lie to yourself. But in the meantime… duck.

- From Shadowland: Elektra #1, by Zeb Wells and Emma Rios. November 2010.

Emma Rios. Her layouts, her storytelling, her characterization. So damn good.

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