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Grant Morrison Talks About Action Comics, His Batman Mega-Story, and Mothers [Interview]

It might not have featured a free ride home or Bojangles, but one of the highlights of my convention weekend at Comic-Con 2011 was getting to sit down with DC Universe uber-architect, Supergods writer and living legend Grant Morrison whose Batman books I have annotated in detail. We discussed the new Action Comics relaunching in September, the upcoming conclusion of his Batman story inBatman: Leviathan, the curious lack of mother figures in his work, and the Wonder Woman: Earth One series that wasn’t.

Grant Morrison: So thanks for all the annotations and stuff, I think they’re really good.

ComicsAlliance: Thank you very much! One of the things I’ve noticed in the books so far is this recurring thematic motif of absent parents damaging their children, similar to the Sheeda from Seven Soldiers and also with Bruce Wayne and his father Thomas, Bruce and his son Damian, etc. Is this theme going to continue next year in your work on Batman: Leviathan and Action Comics?

GM: That’s interesting — it’ll certainly come into Leviathan, but because there’s a big reveal there I can’t really talk about it. Certainly the whole year of Leviathan is about the Batman/Damian relationship and where that goes, and like I said it’s a big “weepy” type of story, so it’ll be very much in that vein. It’s really Damian relating to his father for the first time in a big way and the two of them trying to find some kind of common ground, which they don’t really have.

Read much more at ComicsAlliance.

David Uzumeri interviews Grant Morrison at SDCC for Comics Alliance. For my money, one of the best of the many, many interviews Morrison has done promoting his work and the DC Relaunch. I don’t agree with Morrison about much anymore, but he’s still one of the best writers in mainstream comics. Check it out.