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We Had Known Water vol. 1, the first of two diaspora mixes from Saul Williams. Part of OkayAfrica’s Africa In Your Earbuds mixtape series.

The title comes from Dr. Martin Luther King jr.’s famous ‘mountaintop’ speech. Read Williams’ fantastic explanation of the mix here.

The tracklist:

“West Wind” Nina Simone (written by Miriam Makeba/South Africa)
“Beyt Bieh” Ensemble El Moukhadrami (Mauritania)
“We Had Known Water” Saul Williams
“Drowning Goat” Kasai Allstars (Congo)
“Mahindi Ya Kulonga” (Tanzania)
“Ishmael” Abdullah Ibrahim (South Africa)
“Forgive Us All” Rob (Ghana)
“Amahamba” Jos Gansemans (Rwanda)
“African Space Craft” Keziah Jones (Nigeria)
“Bigirimana” (Rwanda)

Go download this now.