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I'm general counsel for a medium-sized tax-exempt organization that helps court-involved and other at-risk populations clear barriers to success in the community.

I'm also a development/fundraising professional and provide legal advice and guidance to start-up entertainment firms.

I blog at Between the Stations and occasionally contribute to Funnybook Babylon. My ever-expanding bookshelf is here. I infrequently write about food and take pictures.

I'm also the happiest new dad in the world.

That's everything.
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Bill Sienkiewiicz 1986: Elektra: Assassin #3

A new concept: painted interiors…

I wanted to paint Elektra: Assassin at all costs. I wanted to do it so badly, that the rate for the coloring was like $40 a page. They didn’t have a painted page rate at the time. So I was doing all that work for essentially nothing because I needed to do it, I wanted to do it. From working with Frank’s scripts to laughing my head off to being inspired and excited and knowing that whatever he was going to throw back at me was going to inspire me further. It really helped to make it about the work… because it all got turned back into the storyline. It was a very creative environment

Bill Sienkiewicz, interviewed by Comic Book Resources

In reference to the quote:

Yes, for Bill it was a very creative and defining moment. That comic is essentially Bill Sienkiewicz going to town on Painting. It is an absolutely BEAUTIFUL book. Fair warning: Frank Miller’s scripting blows on this book. It is not his kind of story, and it only works because of Sienkiewicz.

Reblogged for two reasons: 1. Sienkiewicz art always merits an automatic reblog. 2. Frank Miller did an amazing job on Elektra: Assassin.


Fan-arting my own character in my own way. Personal work, 2014





The fact that the ALA shared this link is so gloriously bitter and angry and I love it.

Is there a portmanteau for that? Angritter? Bangry? 


As a parent, library cards are so awesome, every time I use one I feel like I getting over on someone.

Like ha ha, you can take out 99 books out at a time and renew them up to 5 years and 9 months.

I never ever buy books for my kid. You taxpaying suckers do.

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Do you know of any blogs that promote body positivity for nonbinary people? The other anon asking about blogs or posts for men made me want to ask. Thank you!
infectedworldmind infectedworldmind Said:







I struggled to find blogs that were specifically body positivity for only non-binary trans folks, but here’s what I found:

Fat Genderqueers

Not specifically body positive, but good resources: The Non-Binary Safe Space especially their positive things tag, Fuck Yeah Transitioning Genderqueers, Genderqueer Pride, Genderqueer Positivity, & Genderqueer Identities (this blog has SO many resources)

Here are some that are primarily non-binary folks submitting photos of themselves/primarily image blogs: Fuck Yeah Non-Binary Fats, Non Binary Cuties, Hell Yeah Non-Binary Selfie Culture, Genderqueer

Same but not non-binary specific: Trans* Body Pride, DMAB Delightful, F Yeah Trans Fashion (a fashion blog but you might dig it), F Yeah Androgyny

And another primarily image (not non-binary specific) blog is Genderrific run by my dear pal Kaethe.

The tag nonbinary positivity might also be a tag you’re interested in.

And you might enjoy the Trans* Enough Project.

Apologies if any of these have problematic content as I’m not very familiar with all of them. 

And folks should feel free to reblog with more blogs!

There’s also nbselfielove :)

Thanks for tagging us!  This is a great list of blogs for non-binary folks!

Something to check out. Need more nonbinary fat visibility!

We’re T-FFED, a new org that provides community support to transgender and gender-diverse individuals living with eating disorders; educates healthcare professionals on incorporating gender literacy, and culturally competency into their ED treatment programs; and advocates for visibility.

^check this out y’all, this is a really cool and really important thing!

Hahahaha. This might be my favorite Odd Future related thing.

(via d-pi)

Mistah F.A.B. does DJ Wonda’s 5 Fingers of Death challenge on Sway’s talk show. He did a decent job of adjusting to the beat changes, but had some challenges with Sway’s topics. Pretty entertaining.

SZA and Willow Smith perform Domino at Brooklyn’s Rough Trade. Not bad. via Okayplayer.


In case you’ve missed any, these are the Horror Movie of the Day weekly art pieces I’ve done thus far.


Revisiting Ann Nocenti’s Daredevil run for the first time since it was out. Pleasantly surprised to discover the first issue is drawn by Barry Windsor-Smith.

Wait until you catch up to the John Romita jr pencilled portion of the run at 250. It’s fantastic.